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We’re a family of powerhouse brands – with an ethical, start-up mentality.

If you’re entrepreneurial, ambitious, and committed to wellbeing for people and planet, there’s never been a better time to join our talent community.

What’s the ekaterra philosophy?
What’s the ekaterra philosophy?

What’s the ekaterra philosophy?

At ekaterra, we’re all signed up to a single shared mission: to grow a world of wellbeing through the regenerative power of plants.

We believe in transparency, open communication, and a collaborative environment – wherever you are in the world.

We’re passionate about looking after our most precious assets: our people. So when you join ekaterra, we’ll invest in your career. It’s about being empowered and supported: we’ll do all we can to help you truly flourish.

The ekaterra Wellbeing Pact

Achieving great things takes hard work and courage. It’s rarely easy – which is why we have a Wellbeing Pact. The more we nourish our collective wellbeing, the more we’ll all get out of life. Feeling a sense of wellbeing helps deliver great work. We’ll make a bigger collective difference. This nurtures our wellbeing more.

The ekaterra Wellbeing Pact gives you the structure and flexibility to chart your own course.

Our Wellbeing Pact’s three main principles:

1. We focus

2. We take time

3. We care

Here’s how we bring those to life:



  • We’ll use agile practice to focus on what matters

  • We’ll take personal ownership to challenge the value-add of activities

  • We’ll build skills that help you manage your wellbeing

Take time

Take time

  • We’ll take all the days off we’re entitled to, giving ourselves time to regenerate

  • We’ll set aside time to focus on our wellbeing

  • We’ll blend home and office working, for a sustainable balance



  • We’ll create a culture where we speak openly about our individual and collective wellbeing

  • We’ll allow time and space for volunteering

  • We’ll build connections, so we can support each another and succeed as a team

Great benefits, the world over

Work flexibly, thrive professionally and personally. Our reward philosophy is designed to support you when it comes to health, income protection, paid time off and even retirement.

It’s linked to our business strategy and results. So as you become more valuable to the company, you’ll see that reflected in your rewards.

Our benefits vary country-by-country. But wherever you’re based, the way you’re rewarded is externally competitive and internally fair.

You will be offered a reward package which includes a generous holiday entitlement. With a strong focus on the growth of our people, we’ll support your professional development – whether that’s through formal learning programmes, or the broadening of your on-the-job experiences. And thanks to our mentoring programme and wellbeing resources, you’ll always know we’re supporting your life and career.

Why should you join ekaterra?

People's Voice what ekaterra means to me

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Why should you join ekaterra?

People's Voice what ekaterra means to me