Join our team

It takes every kind of expert to make the world’s biggest tea company tick. But we always stay grounded, and we all share one purpose. So whether you’re a farmer or a lawyer, an IT specialist or a taste connoisseur, we’ll welcome your skills and diversity.


Successful teams have a shared purpose. As one global External Affairs and Communications Team, ours is to nurture, influence, and create a global business environment that supports sustainable growth for everyone – for our farming communities, colleagues, investors, and tea lovers everywhere.

In our team we:

  • Influence the public agenda and investor community.

  • Build ekaterra’s reputation through stakeholder relations.

  • Promote and enhance all our brands.

We work globally, at every level, shaping the decisions that help us do business.

Customer Development (Sales)

Our Customer Development team takes care of sales. You could say we’re ekaterra’s ‘engine’: without sales, we wouldn’t be in business at all.

By working with partners all over the world, we sell ekaterra teas and other botanicals to wholesalers, retailers, hotels, caterers, and online tea re-sellers.

It’s thanks to us that the best teas money can buy find their markets in a way that’s good value for customers, while also allowing us to sustainably grow. This is a great part of the business to be in if you’re ‘a people person’ who loves to be part of a team.


‘Money makes the world go round,’ or so the saying goes. We believe there’s more to living than that, and our purpose is about using botanicals to help shape a better world. Nonetheless, ekaterra’s a business. We depend on skilled financial know-how.

Combining the strength and scale of iconic brands with speed and agility, our ‘corporate start-up’ mindset is creating opportunities to flourish – for our people, and for communities.

The Finance team helps – with proactive risk management and by providing accounting and budget controls.

We make every investment count, using data-driven insights to add value.

Information Technology

We’re living in an Information Age. As the world’s biggest tea company, we depend on Information Technology – it’s the ‘glue’ that enables our unity, as we work towards one purpose across the whole planet.

What we do touches all business functions. Our tea estates; our supply chain; our customer development; our finance; our marketing: there’s nobody at ekaterra who doesn’t rely on IT to stay connected.

Together, our team manages a vast IT landscape, providing the vital business continuity that enables us all to perform.



Our small team of lawyers looks after the legal needs of ekaterra across more than 80 markets worldwide. Being a lean, nimble team means we can have rigorous discussions and help the whole company with quick, innovative, world-class legal advice.

We’re fully involved in setting and implementing ekaterra’s business strategy. We’re here to add value and make a difference to our colleagues and customers.


Marketing are our brand custodians, creating strategies to help them flourish and grow.

This team’s work includes anything from launching a product that will address a new trend, to creating campaigns to win hearts and minds.

In Marketing, you’re in the thick of the action, collaborating with just about every other team in the business. Marketing are the ones who bring the magic together, putting wellbeing products in people’s hands.

People & Organisation (HR)

People are at the heart of everything we do. As the world’s biggest tea company, we work hard to attract, reward and develop the best talent globally.

People & Organisation includes teams that work on talent acquisition, employee experience, business partnering and functional expertise like rewards, learning, and talent management.

We’re champions of ekaterra culture, and work hard to create a performance-driven and values-led culture. We bring ekaterra’s mission to life by creating opportunities that help people thrive and reach their potential.

Research & Development
Research & Development

Research & Development

In ekaterra, we know tea because we grow tea.

Our Research & Development division is the team putting science and technology into teacraft – developing products and innovations to delight our customers.

From seed to cup, we are botanists, researchers, farmers, consumer scientists, nutritionists, engineers and master blenders. In short: we love tea!

It’s about giving our brands cutting-edge tools for the benefit of people and planet.

Supply Chain

Our supply chain is one continuous, end-to-end link – all the way from ekaterra’s three tea estates to what you pluck from your supermarket shelves. This integration is what makes us special.

We use our scale and connectedness to make a difference to people and planet. It’s our job to get the best from every step of our tea’s journey, from seed to cup.

Running seamlessly across all business functions, we’re plugged into Research & Development, Marketing, and Sales. We get up each day to make sure our teas arrive where they need to be on time. In full. And tasting their best.

And there’s a lot of tea to share. We help pour more than 100 billion cups of tea every year – to more than 600 million people worldwide.