Lipton Single Brew

A revolution for Turkey’s tea drinkers

There's hardly a household in Turkey that doesn't drink tea. It's enjoyed morning, noon and night, with people enjoying an average of three cups a day. Served in distinctive small glasses or cups, there a ritualistic aspect to the way tea is drunk here.

But increasingly, time pressured Gen Z's won't wait for tea to brew to perfection. With always on-the-go lifestyles, a lack of time risked creating an unbridgeable gap between them and their tasty hot cuppa.

To prevent real tea falling from fashion, we put our thinking caps on and came up with Tek Dem which means ‘single brew’. It’s an innovative new sachet format that creates great tasting tea in a snap. Just tear open the sachet, add hot water, and voila – you’ve an instant cup of Earl Grey or classic. Thanks to our technologies and mastery, it tastes at least as good as home brewed tea!

Our target audience of young tea drinkers loved it, and the products created a massive buzz on social media.

To see Tek Dem in action, check out the TV ad.