TAZO Japan

TAZO finds its flow in Japan

TAZO is known for its specialty teas. Adventurous and experimental, one of their best-loved innovations is their ready-brewed Chai Latte ‘liquid concentrate’. Sold mainly in cartons at supermarkets and convenience stores, you just pour over milk or water for a delicious no-fuss latte, either hot or on ice. It’s a favourite in the USA and Canada.

With big plans for further expansion, our team at TAZO set to work figuring out which country would love the brand next.

In-depth global research identified Japan as perfectly suited for TAZO’s on-trend tastes. As a hotspot for fashion and trends, Japan was previously home to only one other ekaterra brand, Lipton. It would be great to add something distinctive and different to our Japan tea portfolio.

We chose Costco as our launch retail partner. In Japan, they have premium stores which are known for introducing new trends and cool products. After a year of hard work, in February 2022 TAZO’s Classic Chai Latte concentrate was ready to pour.

So far, the results have been phenomenal. Japanese tea drinkers just love the fun and theatre of making Chai Latte the TAZO way.

Watch this space. There’s more to come as TAZO’s global journey continues.