Five essential cocktail bar tools

Tea-inspired cocktails have grabbed the attention of both younger and older consumers. Full of flavour, texture, colour and Insta-appeal, they’re a sure-fire way to drive beverage sales. While some like it hot, others with fresh fruit, or sugar-free and iced, there’s a demand for inspired, playful rituals, innovation when it comes to serving cocktails. Although similar to traditional cocktail tools, bartenders and mixologists will need to have a few extra bits of gear to shake, stir and steep their concoctions.

The Boston shaker is a two-piece metal cocktail shaker with a larger and smaller cup that fit together and can easily be flipped and shaken with ice.

Strainers. A single strainer rests on top of the Boston shaker and is easy to hold in place while pouring a cocktail drink into a longer glass. A double strainer, basically a miniature sieve, can be held in place with one hand while the other pours the cocktail into a shorter glass. This leaves a more concentrated drink.

A muddler is a stick-like masher used to lightly crush added ingredients like fruit to your shaker, bringing out their flavour, after which ice can be added.

A bar spoon is useful to measure smaller amounts of more concentrated ingredients, like spirits, where quantities count and can affect a cocktail. It also has a flat end that can be used to muddle drinks. The long, twisted handle can be useful to stir the ingredients in a circular motion or to layer drinks.

A jigger is a measuring tool with 50ml and 25ml unit capacity. The basic hourglass shape has two conjoining cups with standard spirits measurements and can easily be held between the thumb and forefinger.