How to choose tea

Well-heeled travellers expect the unexpected and this is where tea can play a starring role. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day and leave a lasting impression. How to choose tea for the right occasion can be daunting but the options are endless, from customising a signature house blend that ties into a hotel theme to adding trending teas to the beverage menu. It all depends on the setting and the occasion.

Room service!
Room service!

Room service!

A self-help station equipped with a selection of popular black teas and calming night-time blended teas – like chamomile, lavender, Rooibos and jasmine tea – can help guests unwind after a busy day. It can also be an opportunity to showcase premium teas. Allow your room service menu to shine by offering travellers the luxury to pick and choose a more trendy tea, like chai and matcha lattes.

Welcome tea

Create a dedicated tea lounge space within the hotel lobby area to greet guests, or invite patrons to try a range of hot and cold tea-infused options as well as exotic brews and blended teas at any time of the day.

On the menu

Expand beverage menus to entice diners to try the latest tea trends, like tea lattes, bubble teas, herbal teas and iced teas. Darjeeling ‘wine teas’ have a rich caffeine content and a sweet flavour that is reminiscent of grapes.

High tea

This beloved British tradition offers hotels the opportunity to really engage with tea-loving guests by offering them a wide variety of teas that can be paired with a spread of savoury and sweet treats. Include a range of traditional black, green and botanical teas or serve tea cocktails.

Spa treatment

Tea promotes feelings of well-being. Ask a tea supplier how to choose a good green tea as it’s well documented that green tea and herbal tea infusions can improve calmness and enhance mood. A tea display allows guests to buy a range of healthy herbal teas and tea-inspired body products.

Conferencing & events

Tea has less caffeine than coffee which means you can keep sipping. Black tea is especially good for keeping conference goers alert. For more opulent affairs, tea is an exciting alternative to traditional boozy mixes. From iced teas to tea-infused cocktails, big events like weddings are elegant settings to showcase the mixologist’s creations.

Tea pairing

From robust black teas served with hearty roasts to spicy, fruity and subtly scented teas with mild curries and desserts, tea is an accompaniment that has lots of menu appeal as it minimises the decision about what beverage to match with food.