Matcha – five ways

The Matcha latte, also known as a green tea shake, is fast becoming a healthier alternative to morning coffee.

Green tea benefits are well known: antioxidants promote heart, liver and brain health and fight free radicals which cause disease. Matcha is made from the same plant as green tea (Camellia sinesis) and contains highly concentrated nutrients.

Traditionally, matcha is served with hot water but the more popular, decadent option is to add lightly boiled milk (or dairy alternatives) to neutralise bitterness. It can be served hot as a latte or as a chilled shake, with or without sweetners. With its brilliant green colour, it’s no wonder it’s a hot menu item – on breakfast cereals, in iced teas, and desserts – all over the world.

Matcha green tea sales are up and there’s plenty of room for menu innovation.

1. Bulletproof matcha

Matcha latte presents a viable alternative to morning coffee, without the jitters. Why not try a ‘bulletproof’ version by blending the matcha powder then adding butter or MCT oil before topping up with hot water?

2. Whip it!
2. Whip it!

2. Whip it!

No fancy equipment is needed to froth your matcha. Shake in a sealed jar, use a hand-held frother, make a paste with water and then whisk in the milk, use a high-speed blender or your espresso machine wand to steam the milk, adding a smooth topping.

3. Serve cold

Nothing is more refreshing than an iced drink. Prepare the matcha with hot water and milk, and pour over ice for an iced latte. (To limit watering down, blend extra latte and freeze ice cubes.)

4. Blend it

Matcha latte makes an attractive breakfast smoothie, especially for healthy consumers. Blend with bananas, spinach, pineapple, mango or flaxseeds and serve in elegant shot glasses – it’s an exciting sugar-free, dairy-free addition to your breakfast table.

5. Matcha cocktails
5. Matcha cocktails

5. Matcha cocktails

Who says a matcha latte can’t be spiked? Food and beverage specialists recommend matcha powder pairings with grape-based or floral spirits like fortified wines, brandy and gins. A milky matcha latte works well with spirits like vodka. Mixologists can garnish with ginger, herbs and fruit.

Tap into this ‘fuel me up’ food trend and be creative with your menu offerings in order to maximise sales.