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This International Women’s Day, we’re embracing diversity.

On March 8, we come together throughout ekaterra to celebrate International Women’s Day .

Our vision is to grow a world of wellbeing through the regenerative power of plants. To achieve that, we depend on diversity. With over 15,000 employees worldwide – who in turn, reach over a million connections – we’re proud of our inclusive culture. And we’re passionate about women’s equality, and the broad range of roles women play here.

When it comes to producing our blends and our brews, women make up most of the tea sector’s workforce . At ekaterra, we’re working to improve the lives and livelihoods of women throughout the supply chain. Colleagues like Asha Cherono, an estate worker at our Kenya plantation, who values the safe spaces at work and in her village we’ve created. Or Asha’s teammate Jackline Mitei, who reminds us that women’s empowerment brings prosperity to everyone.

By working with UN Women , the Ethical Tea Partnership , the Rainforest Alliance and many others, we’re leading welfare standards throughout the tea industry.

When it comes to equality among senior leaders, we’re proud to say that three of our Regional Presidents are female, as are both our Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Legal Officer – meaning women make up five of our thirteen-strong leadership team.

At a brand level, we’re doing good too. Pukka is working with Tree Sisters towards a female-led reforestation goal of planting one billion trees a year. T2 is a long-term advocate of equal opportunities, both internally and among their communities. More than half T2’s leaders are female: this year the brand is calling for everyone to stand united and break gender biases. And since 2019, JOKO in South Africa has supported People Opposing Women Abuse to #EndDomesticSilence and put a stop to domestic abuse against women and girls.

These are just some of the ways that together, we’re making a difference. Showing respect for one another, our craft, and our planet. Harnessing our power in botanicals for a better world.

Pullout quotes:

“Women’s empowerment isn’t just good for women. It brings prosperity throughout our society.”

Jackline Mitei, Engineering team, Kenya plantation

“Here, women’s voices are head. Women and girls have safe spaces, both at work and in our own villages.”

Asha Cherono, Estate worker, Kenya plantation