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Towards climate positive

At ekaterra, we don’t want to focus on just cutting down our environmental impact. We want to give more back to the planet than we take out.

To achieve these, we have two major goals:

1. Net zero by 2030

  • We’re looking at everything we do through the lens of the climate. From the teas and botanicals we grow, to our packaging, distribution, supply chain, and people. It’s our goal to be carbon net zero by 2030.

  • We want our teas and botanicals to help us create a better world – through a ‘virtuous circle’ of production.

  • We’ll be encouraging our suppliers for tea, packaging and logistics to become net zero too, and as quickly as possible.

2. A climate positive business by 2030

  • Beyond ‘just’ becoming net zero – it’s a big ambition, after all – we want to go even further.

  • By moving to renewable energy throughout our business, our company ecosystems, and dependent communities, we’re going to be ‘climate positive’ – reducing more carbon than our business emits.

  • These are bold commitments but we’re determined to meet them.

  • Only by staying true to our purpose can we honour our name ‘ekaterra’ – one earth.