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Living wage

We want to raise living standards by making sure everyone who directly provides goods and services to ekaterra earns a living wage or income by 2030.

Creating resilient livelihoods and thriving communities is an important step towards a better world.

What is a living wage or living income?
What is a living wage or living income?

What is a living wage or living income?

A living wage or living income is one that gives people enough to provide for their family's basic needs for food, water, clothing, housing, education, transportation and healthcare. It also allows for some discretionary income and includes enough provision to cover unexpected events. The concept of a living wage applies to hired workers or merchandisers who help sell products. A living income is applied in the context of any income earner, such as self-employed farmers.

Putting an end to working poverty

In 2019, roughly one in five workers – that’s more than 630 million working people – didn’t earn enough to lift themselves and their families above extreme poverty. And that’s despite working full time to make a living.

The World Bank estimates this figure may have increased to almost 800 million, because of the pandemic.

By paying the living wage, we’re making sure that no matter where somebody works, they’ll be able to afford a decent standard of living for themselves and for their family.