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Serving the world ‘cups of wellbeing’

It’s only natural that what we drink impacts our wellbeing. Good hydration is vital for physical health and mental alertness. And dietary guidelines around the world also recommend limiting consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages in favour of sugar-free choices to help people reduce their intake of added sugars and overall calories. This is why unsweetened tea and herbal beverages are a great option. More specifically because unsweetened tea is 99.5% water, it not only can contribute to your total fluid needs, but it also is a great tasting beverage with zero calories and zero grams of added sugars.

Our goal to serve ‘125 billion cups of wellbeing’ is all about encouraging people to make healthier choices. So, it’s an easy, affordable, and enjoyable way to enjoy a health focused beverage over less healthy alternatives.

Here are three ways we’re on the way to 125 billion already:

Love your heart – with Lipton

We know that tea uniquely contains both theanine and caffeine and is a major source of flavonoids in the diet which are associated with heart health benefits. In the US and Canada, our Lipton teams are educating people about the benefits of regularly drinking unsweetened black or green tea.

Enjoyed daily, research shows drinking unsweetened green or black tea can help support your heart health .

Benefits backed by herbal wisdom

In Pakistan, Brooke Bond Supreme Natural Care – an immunity-supporting tea based on herbs from Unani texts – has been a trusted beacon for years.

Our organic herbal brand Pukka, which has just celebrated 20 years of nurturing healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants, has the perfect range of herbal infusions and supplements:

For example, our Calm range provides a collection of soothing organic herbal tea blends to take the weight off your shoulders and provide a sense of calm. The ingredients in the blends are specifically sourced for their relaxing properties.

And our soothing Night Time tea is made with organic herbs that can help you find peaceful rest. This dreamy blend of lavender, oat flower, chamomile and valerian can be enjoyed as part of your night-time routine to let nature’s finest herbs swirl you softly to sleep.

Extra goodness from vitamins and minerals

In response to people’s growing concerns about health and immunity, Lipton has also been launching new products with a focus on both taste and goodness. In many countries we’ve introduced delicious teas and infusions fortified with vitamins, like our daily defence tea with vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system or our Boost tea with vitamin B6 which supports energy production. In Turkey, our beautiful Lipton Vitamin Tea infusions are a delicious way to get a daily dose of vitamin B6 and selenium, vitamin C and zinc or vitamin D.

Like our sustainability targets, we’ll be tracking and externally reporting on our progress towards our 125 billion cups of wellbeing goal on a yearly basis.