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Did you know that heart disease is the most common cause of death globally, affecting half of all adults in the US?

A growing body of scientific research suggests that drinking brewed, unsweetened tea daily, as part of a well-balanced diet, could have a positive effect on your heart.

In 2021 our Lipton team in North America applied this knowledge to educate on the health benefits of unsweetened black and green teas – translating a potentially complex message around ‘flavonoids’ into an easy-to-digest public awareness campaign.

One cup of unsweetened black or green tea, with no added milk or sugar, contains between 150-170 milligrams of these naturally occurring flavonoids, which also provide pigments in plants. In Camellia sinensis – tea – they are perfectly placed by nature to provide health benefits. And the fact that brewed tea is 99.5% water means it’s as hydrating as water too.

Lipton highlighted all this in TV commercials, in-store activity, and through a healthcare professional outreach program. They also sponsored the American Heart Association’s Life is Why campaign early that year. Over 60% of Lipton's portfolio, including unsweetened caffeinated, decaffeinated, and flavored green & black tea provides the level of flavonoids per serving on pack, as well as displays the AHA logo.

Bringing awareness to Women’s Health
Bringing awareness to Women’s Health

Bringing awareness to Women’s Health

It was great to build awareness around such an important, but sometimes little-known message. The year after, in February 2022, Lipton celebrated American Heart Month by doubling down on their efforts to bring attention to heart health. Lipton’s #Tea Talk campaign was aimed especially at women who, amid the pandemic, may have inadvertently neglected their own health by putting the care of their loved ones first.

By encouraging women to prioritize their heart health by talking to family, friends, and doctors about their health needs, Lipton really brought awareness and support. Online, the activity was seen over half a billion times – leading to a boost in performance, and best of all, publicity for what is potentially a life-changing message.

Lipton is committed to continuing this health-boosting work. And now that we’ve also launched the Plant Power Academy, we’re looking forward to advancing and amplifying research on the health benefits of unsweetened tea.