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Helping one billion people make healthier choices

Article was originally published on 21/05/2021 on

We want to empower people to consume what is good for them. You probably are aware that tea and herbal infusions are good for you.

Here at ekaterra, our scientists and research teams have deep insights into how tea and herbs truly benefit us.

For our knowledge to show its real value, it’s got to be widely shared.

That’s the reason we’ve set ourselves a goal to reach at least one billion people each year with our nutritional know-how and herbal wisdom by 2030.

Through our brands and our educational initiatives, we’re already raising awareness of the importance of healthy hydration:

In the US, our Lipton brand is working to help raise awareness on the impact of diet and lifestyle on heart health, including the benefits of drinking unsweetened brewed green and black tea.

Through the Pukka Collective , we offer free-to-access online, personalised health and wellbeing advice to consumers. And, with the Pukka Life Academy , our CPD accredited education platform curated by our herbal experts, we provide training to our own people as well as trade partners and practitioners.

With our Plant Power Academy, we have created a global centre for plant-based science and education, underpinned by years of research and traditional herbal wisdom. Here is where we develop our evidence-based botanical resources and where we share our latest discoveries based on rigorous scientific research, while shining a light on our scientists, distinguished partners, and peer-reviewed academic publications.

These are just some of the ways we are committing to empowering people to consume more cups of wellness.

Like our sustainability targets, we’ll be tracking and externally reporting on the consumer reach of our educational activities yearly.