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By the people, for the people

At ekaterra, we’re united by the power of the diversity of plants and the positive impact they create for the world we live in and our communities. Taking collective responsibility for the entire life cycle of a cuppa, we want to:

  • Unite

    We’re enriching lives by delivering more value per cup and sharing that value among growers, blenders and farming communities.

  • Innovate

    We’re leading the way and creating a net positive, giving back to the planet much more than we take.

  • Communicate

    We’re inspiring others to partner with us in our long-term value creation model, delivered with transparency and consistency.

Our Sustainability Commitment

As the market leader, we are proud to descend from our Unilever heritage and remain committed to building a more sustainable tea industry. Which is why we create top-quality botanical beverages that are as good for the planet as they are for the communities they come from.

Our journey starts with a focus on sustainability in our own supply chain. We need to know where we buy our tea, so we can focus on delivering a positive impact where it’s most relevant.

Tackling social issues in the tea supply chain

We now support the livelihoods of around 1 million people in 21 countries who work in tea estates belonging to us or our suppliers, or on small farms.

Around the world, we're working on a range of programmes that aim to create better lives for people – including numerous women’s initiatives – in the tea supply chain, both within and beyond our tea estates in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

We'll only achieve these ambitions if we work with others, from tea growers, suppliers and NGOs to local and national governments and the wider industry. Public-private partnerships are an important way for us to do this.

Protecting the land to ensure a long-term future for tea

Many crops, including tea, face enormous challenges from climate change. To increase the resilience of tea, we’re doing a number of things. As well as our social programmes, we work on nature-based projects on our tea farms like smart agriculture, water conservation and pesticide reduction.

Certification is another important way to drive positive change in our tea supply chain, and we have a long history of supporting it. Kericho, our largest tea estate in Kenya, was the first tea farm to achieve Rainforest Alliance certification. We have worked in partnership with Rainforest Alliance throughout Africa and Asia to train suppliers and smallholder farmers so they could achieve farm certification. Today, Rainforest Alliance certified™ tea accounts for about 20% of the world’s tea production.

By respecting and valuing the human rights of tea workers and smallholder farmers and working to improve their health and financial security while protecting and nurturing the land they work on, we aim to set an example for the industry.

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