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We believe in the power of people and plants

At ekaterra, we stay grounded. We never forget that every brew we create starts with a single seed, nurtured by the earth.

We stay united. We believe in harnessing the power of diversity. Only when we pick, cultivate, and nurture a broad mix of blends do we bring out the best in our teas, and our people.

There’s nothing more powerful – or precious – than this earth we share. We work in harmony with the planet to grow a world of wellbeing. Our botanical creations are designed with integrity, combining the best of nature and science.

We craft each brew to delight the senses and sooth – or spark – the mind. To revitalize and reconnect. They’re a taste of what’s possible when people and planet work together as one.

One planet. One people. One purpose.

ekaterra – botanicals for a better world.

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Our Brands

We’re home to 34 superior and well-loved brands serving some of the world’s favorite brews and herbal infusions. And we’re always finding new ways to delight tea lovers…

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All About Tea

621 million people enjoy a cup or two (or three, or four…) of our brews every day. So, it’ll come as no surprise that we source a lot of tea – all while keeping our environmental footprint small as can be.

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Our Commitments

Green is our favorite color – from our countless tea leaves to our commitments to the planet. We’re growing a world of wellbeing that gives more back to nature than it takes. Enriching life for everyone connected to our business.

It’s our plan to become climate positive. We’re aiming for 100% sustainably sourced teas. 100% plant-based tea bags. And 100% of our packaging to be recyclable, compostable, or reusable.

Take a deeper look at our climate and nature goals, announced in Glasgow during the UN Climate Summit, COP26.

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Brew Connoisseurs

What gives tea and herbal infusions their unique flavors – or numerous health benefits? You’ll discover there’s a lot brewing behind our humble plants.


Growth for everyone is at the core of ekaterra. We’re a connected community where those that want to do better, belong. Be a part of this amazing blend.

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