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Born in 2001 from the inspiration of two herbal entrepreneurs Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell, Pukka has always aimed to take the very best of nature to make botanical creations that inspire people to healthier, happier lives. A leading member of the B Corp community, part of 1% for the Planet and organic, Pukka believes business really can be a force for good in the world.

Organic, fair and sustainablysourced herbal creations
of annual sales givento environmental causes and initiatives
Pukka is committedto net zero by 2030
Pukka’s story
Pukka’s story

Pukka’s story

Pukka started from humble beginnings when herbalist Sebastian Pole and fellow pioneer Tim Westwell created the first three Pukka teas in 2001, all of which are still sold today. From this, Pukka has become a beacon of organic wellness, with over 40 different blends of tea and herbal supplements, all organic and sustainably produced. Today, Pukka is sold in over 40 countries. From its home at the Herb House in Bristol, Pukka’s experts continue to create the most delicious blends and innovative ways for herbs to help people live better.

Pukka’s products

Combining the wisdom of modern and ancient herbal knowledge, every Pukka creation harnesses the power of nature. Always organic and sustainably produced from crop to cup, each one is expertly blended with wellbeing in mind. Pukka sources the finest organic herbs from around the world, to bring you closer to nature.

Pukka’s purpose

Pukka nurtures healthier, happier lives through powerful organic plants. Its herbal creations are crafted to connect as many people as possible to the beauty and power of nature. Pukka loves to share its knowledge and campaign for a healthier world, always trying to lead by example.

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