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Born and brewed in Melbourne, Australia, T2 get a kick out of turning the world of tea on its head. They love to create brews that take you on a journey, travelling far and wide to source the best teas from all over the planet.

In 2020, they were B Corp accredited, cementing their reputation as leaders in sustainability and diversity.

Sustainably sourced teas
Ethically sourced teaware
Carbon emissions offset
T2’s story
T2’s story

T2’s story

T2 started life as a store in Fitzroy, Melbourne in 1996, encouraging people from all walks of life to put the world to rights over a cup of tea. A second store quickly followed as their reputation grew – in fact, they were so popular that they actually ran out of tea in Christmas of 1999. Thankfully it wasn’t long till they were back fuelling an Antipodean tea-revolution, with more and more T2 teas appearing on menus all over Australia. In the late 2000s they brought their teas to the rest of the world, opening stores in quirky spots like Shoreditch, Soho and Brooklyn.

T2’s products

T2 want people to lose themselves in their world of tea. It’s about going on a flavour adventure – with over 100 different teas to taste at the last count, such as bold black, white and chai teas, glorious greens, and fascinating fruit and herbal infusions. They’re even putting the ‘ooh’ into oolong and rooibos. You can stock up on teawares as well: T2 sell a huge range of tea sets, cups, flasks, infusers and storage tins. If you can use it to make or drink tea, chances are you can buy it from T2.

T2’s purpose

T2 celebrates difference to make a difference – creating a generation of tea lovers to unite the world for good. It’s about freedom of ideas and expression. Celebrating all flavours and tastes, and giving everyone a seat at the table. Taking the time to stop, sip, slurp – and dare to go beyond the familiar.

A cup for me, a cup for you. T2.

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