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In 1994 TAZO was born. And they made it their mission to break the (teacup) mould from day one. They constantly push flavour boundaries with vibrant and bold blends made from delicious tea leaves, spices and botanicals. They’ve also introduced their fans to lots of innovative ways to drink tea, including speciality liquid tea concentrates, ready-to-drink bottled tea, and instant pods.

Year launched
Ethically sourced teas
Chai Latte Liquid Tea Mix by Retail SalesIRI Data 52 Weeks end October 9, 2022, MULO+C

TAZO’s story

After travelling the world in the 1990s, Steven Smith, TAZO’s founder, realized there was much more to tea than just the traditional black, green and Earl Greys you so often find on shop shelves. So he decided to bring flavors from different cultures and communities together under one roof. Fast forward to today and TAZO continues to craft unexpected and inspiring blends from exotic and unusual ingredients.

TAZO’s products

Whether you prefer bold and robust breakfast-style black tea, crisp and rejuvenating green tea blends, or rich, warm, and deliciously smooth chai flavours, TAZO has the brew for you.

TAZO’s purpose

TAZO was founded as a brand that challenges the status quo. They see themselves as having a moral responsibility that extends beyond their products. It’s about making a better society: being better, in order to do better. At TAZO, they’re taking a stand. Becoming champions for the planet and its people – and joining the fight for climate justice.

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