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Article Hero - PG Tips

Originally published by Unilever in 2020

PG tips is 100% plant-based

Did you know that PG tips, the UK’s favorite cuppa, was the first major tea brand to become fully plant-based? After switching the iconic pyramid tea bags to a biodegradable plant-based material, PG tips began removing the outer plastic overwrap on its 160s retail boxes.

In 2021, the entire range became plant-based in UK– the first major tea brand in the world to achieve this.

Introduced in 2018, PG tips’ plant-based tea bags are made from corn starch – so when you’ve finished brewing your cuppa, you can simply pop them in your food waste bin, and they can biodegrade back to nature.

As the UK’s favorite tea, brewing over 170 million cuppas a week, this is a fantastic way for tea drinkers to enjoy the same great taste with zero waste.

At the end of 2020 we also introduced the new style tea bags to the catering and food service industry, including all-important larger bags for businesses with lots of thirsty customers.

PG tips’ Manchester factory, where the tea is blended and packaged, is also carbon-neutral, with 100% of the energy used coming from renewable sources.